New to the Gallery- Fine Art Photo Wood Blocks

I’m really excited about the latest offering in my gallery…fine art photo wood blocks made from reclaimed wood.

I start by staining up in a beautiful provincial walnut and adhering my work to the block with premium archival glue. The entire piece is then varnished in a semi-glossy, non-toxic varnish to protect the entire piece.

Right now, the blocks are available in 4×4 and 5×5 size and sold as sets of three or as single blocks. Each block has a wonderful keyhole on the back making them ready to hang, no hardware required. I’m very excited to say that in the next week I’ll also be offering 5×7, 8×8 and 8×10 blocks.

Be on the lookout, this month, for a tutorial on how to create your own wood blocks with your family photos. It’s a fun and beautiful way to preserve memories!

You can find my fine art photo wood blocks here, in my shop.



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2 thoughts on “New to the Gallery- Fine Art Photo Wood Blocks

  1. Tracey, these are absolutely stunning! I didn’t now when I featured your red and teal pickup photo on my blog ( yesterday that you also create these gorgeous wood blocks.

    Question: How does the varnish keep from seeping into the photo? Is it a special type for photo use? The outcome is so worth the process. I hope you do really well selling these. (Might have to feature one on a future blog…)

    Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Bonnie!

      I use a non-toxic varnish that’s specially formulated for pieces such as this and it actually protects the photograph :) I’m working on a step by step tutorial now on how to create these with family photos that I’ll be posting soon! :)

      Happy weekend to you as well!

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