Holiday Sale! Buy One Get One Prints…

Now through December 13th, I will be offering buy one, get one prints in my shop. Purchase any print (8×8 or larger) and get one 8×8 or 8×10 of your choice at no cost to you. Order by December 13th, and your photo will ship out in time for Christmas.

There are a lot of new pieces in the online gallery so check them, as well as some old favorites out! The holidays are right around the corner and art makes a wonderful gift! I offer custom work as well, large format prints, framing and matting…all here in my online gallery.

"Ponte Vecchio"

New Creation- Mangia- A Fine Art Tryptic

Mangia“, a tryptic of delightful treats from a wonderful bakery I came across during my trip to Venice, Italy is playfully nicknamed, “The Cannoli Tryptic.” Cannolis, pistachio cookies, and streudel, there was, sadly, not enough time to try one of everything in this delightful find along the Grand Canal.

Treated with vintage actions and printed on premium Lustre paper that protects against fingerprints and scratching, the print set would make a fun addition to any kitchen decor. The tryptic can now be found here in my online gallery.


"Mangia" (aka The Cannoli Triptych)

New Creations- “Ville” and “The Bank”

Two new additions to my paris.rome.and.beyond series are “Ville” and “The Bank.” Both prints are available separately but also pair well together.

Both were shot at dusk in Paris, one along the banks of the river and the other while walking through the charming areas just off the banks. I’ve layered them to give an aged, almost vintage, feel. I love playing with depth of field in my shots and these two are no exception.  I love the aged, almost “ghostly” feel of both.

I’ve added a few new prints from Paris to the series and all are available in my online gallery, here.


"The Bank"

New Creation- “Days Past”

A new addition to my paris.rome.and.beyond series, I am pleased to introduce, “Days Past” an aged metallic photograph from Paris.

This photo, hand layered with an original texture made from the “leftovers” of a scanned  piece of Polaroid pull apart film, is overlooking Paris from Notre Dame. The Kodak Endura Metallic Paper that I use to print this brings out the aged look with it’s amazing “chrome like” feel.

The print is available in sizes all the way up to 24×36 and is printed with a small white border for easy matting and framing.  Black Friday through Cyber Monday (ending 11/30 at midnight) all prints are Buy One Get One with free international shipping. Check out my online gallery for details.

"Days Past"

Going to a Good Home, “Smoke”

I’m always toying around with new ways to shoot photos whether it be trying out a different lens, shooting from a different angle or, in this case, trying out a new filter.

“Smoke” is an 8×8 print of a beautiful dark pink bloom that I came across while wondering through Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN. Doesn’t look pink right? I took this photo with an infrared filter attached to my macro lens. Now, if you look at other examples of infrared photography, this isn’t quite the same, but, regardless, I loved the end result of this photo.

Layered just slightly to give it a textured effect, I love how the flower ended up looking like billowing smoke. I’m still toying with the infrared photography, and plan on offering more as time goes on. In the mean time though, check out “Smoke” in my online gallery, as well as others available.

Smoke WM


Going to a Good Home “First Leaf of Fall”

Going to a good home is a beautiful large format metallic print of “First Leaf of Fall.”

Now, those who have read past blogs have heard me tout metallic paper’s high quality and amazing look so I won’t go in to it ad nauseum but seriously folks, with a print like this one, I can’t even begin to do justice in explaining how wonderful it looks. OK, I’m sorry, I lied, I need to talk about metallic paper again.

Having been called, “chrome on paper,” metallic paper highlights vibrant colors while providing a subtle yet beautiful dimension to photographs that is unmatched by other papers. While it’s not for every print, in “First Leaf” the reds and oranges of the leaf almost pop off the paper while the browns of the table underneath take on a truly realistic quality. You can see every line of the leaf and almost feel like if you touch the paper, you will be able to pull the leaf off the page.

This print, among others are available in metallic paper in multiple sizes in my online gallery. Custom sizes are always available. Feel free to browse around!

Fall WM

"First Leaf of Fall"

New Creation- Canvas Gallery Wraps

New to my gallery… canvas gallery wraps. Ok so, technically, the photos themselves aren’t “new” but the gallery wraps sure are!

Any photo in my gallery can be turned in to a high quality, professionally printed, ready to hang canvas gallery wraps in sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 30×30 for square prints and 8×10 up to 40×60 for regular format prints. These wraps are also available in a few depths,  .75 inches, 1.75 inches and 2.50 inches.

I use a printer that caters specifically to professional photographers and specializes in these types of print. They have the same high quality and vibrancy as photographs printed on metallic or premium archival paper.

The basics:

What is a gallery wrapped canvas?
It is a high quality print on artist canvas.

  • The canvas is stretched over custom made wood supports.
  • It is available in any size.
  • Its depth is .75, 1.5″ or 2.5″
  • What’s so cool about gallery-wrapped canvases?

  • These images stand out boldly without the distraction of a frame
  • They appear to “float” on your wall.
  • You don’t need a frame for stability; the structure is inside the art.
  • Take a peek at my gallery for more details!

    The Parking Spot Gallery Wrap Front

    "The Parking Spot"

    The Parking Spot Gallery Wrap Side

    "The Parking Spot" (Side View)

    Going to a Good Home- “Along the Shoreline” A set of three 5×5 prints

    Anyone who knows me knows that, aside from photography, traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. Whether it be abroad or here in the States, I love traveling to new destinations and discovering all they have to offer but also have some all time favorites that I’ll go back to time and time again. One of my all time favorites is Maine.

    Whether shown in photographs or in movies , in person it’s as picturesque and beautiful as you’ve imagined. Small, quaint towns, beautiful, jagged shorelines, and, I have to say it, the best damn lobster sandwiches ever. (A note, if you’re in Maine, passing through Wiscasset, you have GOT to stop at Red’s Eats. It’s a must.)

    All that said, it’s no surprise that I have a number of photographs from my visits to this beautiful state. Three of these photographs, “The Beacon,” “Horizon” and “The Line” are all part of a three print limited edition metallic set called, “Along the Shoreline” being offered in my online gallery. While they are listed as 5×5 prints, they’re available in any size from 4×4 all the way up to 30×30 and I’m pleased to say that one of these sets is off to a good home. This limited edition print set is available in my online gallery, along with many others.

    Horizon WM


    Beacon WM


    The Line WM

    "The Line"

    Going to a Good Home- “The Parking Spot”

    OK, I admit, I hate having to name my photos. If I could just do basic things like, “Guy in Front of Store” or something like that, I would love it but, in a world where artists are as creative with the names as the art themselves, I at least have to put my best foot forward. The thing is, my best foot… it typically involves humor.

    That said, I did use a little (and I mean a little, I’m not claiming to be ready for stand-up here) humor when naming this one. I had all these dramatic names in mind because, frankly, the photograph’s dramatic and vibrant colors, seemed to warrant it but, in the end, I felt silly naming it what I had originally planned. (Nope, sorry, my secret) I did however, end up liking the name of this one, if for no other reason than, well, I’m funny in my own mind, if not others, and I thought it was fitting. Get it? The boat is parked out front? Parking spot?? Hmmm, ok well enough about the name. If you’d like, you can give it an alternate subtitle. :)

    More importantly, “The Parking Spot” is on its way to a good home and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The photo is of a beautiful old, red boat parked outside a Venetian mansion. I spotted this while travelling down Venice’s Grand Canal on a traghetto on my way to the Piazza San Marco. Of all of the trips I’ve taken, Italy has always been my favorite country to visit. I love the people, the sights, the sounds, the FOOD, the WINE… oh wait, sorry, I’m getting a little carried away.

    I took this shot last year on a trip through Italy that took me through Rome, Florence, Pompeii and Venice and this ended up being one of my favorites. Printed on metallic paper, the subtle “chrome on paper” effect of the paper brings out the vibrant reds and greens as well as highlights the intense blacks. Looking at this photo makes me want to go back…

    This limited edition print is still available, in my online gallery, in multiple print sizes, framed or unframed, even in a gallery wrap… just check the link that says, “Where to Purchase my Work” or feel free to get in touch with me!

    The Parking Spot WM

    "The Parking Spot"

    New Project- TTV Photography and My Latest Aquisition

    Well, while I’m sitting here, surrounded by cardboard, an Exacto knife and some duct tape (all very “it puts the lotion in the basket” sounding right? I’ll explain in a bit), patiently waiting for an eBay auction to close on a vintage Polaroid  Proflex camera I have my eye on, I figured I would post a blog. Introducing my latest acquisition, a vintage Kodak Duaflex IV. I bought it with a couple of  things in mind.

    First, I have accepted that I am, in fact, addicted to cameras and camera equipment. As this is an addiction that is pretty much harmless (except, possibly, to my bank account) I’ve determined that I do not need a twelve step program (grant me the serenity to stop searching for new lenses) and I’m just going to roll with it. I am, however, being selective in my purchases, always wary of my habit of going all gung-ho for one new thing after another until I have a large collection of unfinished projects awaiting my attention.

    Second, I’ve been wanting to try TTV (Through the Viewfinder) photography for quite a while after coming across the TTV pool on Flickr and falling in love with the vintage feel of these photographs. Basically, TTV photography rigs up an SLR camera, such as my Nikon D90, fitted with a macro lens, to an old viewfinder camera such as the Kodak Duaflex, using a very “high-tech” (eh-hem) cardboard and duct tape contraption to block out the light between the two. (ahhhh it all comes together now.. .I am not in fact a crazy kidnapper). You can see an example of said contraction here.

    So, here I sit, as mentioned surrounded by all the makings of my own TTV contraption (sorry I don’t have a better name for it), staring longingly at my new toy wishing it was already built and I was out taking photos with it. (A note…it’s not at all lost on me that, while I sit here writing this blog, I could be putting this together but, have I mentioned my penchant for procrastination??)

    I will be posting more about my progress with the TTV camera as well as trial photos in upcoming posts. Next project? Well, I just won the bid on the Polaroid but really, it’s anyone’s guess.


    New Toy

    Kodak Duaflex IV