Photo of the Day- “The Gondolier”

"The Gondolier" - Tracey Capone Photography

Taken along the back canals of Venice, the photo of the day, “The Gondolier” captures so many of my favorite aspects of Venice: the wonderful, colorful architecture, the beautiful gondolas, the quaint bridges allowing access to each of the tiny little side streets and, of course, the gondolier himself.

If you travel to Venice, the best recommendation I can give you is get off the beaten path. Yes, you can stay along the main canal and see the main attractions like the Piazza San Marco or take a 75 Euro gondola ride along the banks of the Grand Canal, and everything else the travel guides tell you to do. However, if you want to see the true Venice:  the authentic cafes and ristorantes, the adorable shops selling beautiful, authentic Venetian glass, the amazing architecture famous to the city, then take a left (well, or a right, depending on which way you’re coming from) away from the Grand Canal and explore the back passages. You never know what you’re going to come across.

Going to a Good Home- “Patina”

The latest piece heading off to a good home is “Patina” part of my “Paris, Venice & Beyond” series. This print can also be found as part of the, “Day in Venice” set.

Taken in Venice, along the Grand Canal, the blue door was what caught my eye first. If I owned a really cool, old home, there are a list of must-haves, one of which is an amazing door in a vibrant color. Most of Venice’s homes along the canal not only have amazing colors but also this beautiful patina from being along the water. Color abounds in Venice, not only along the Grand Canal but along the back canals as well. Given my love of color, I can only imagine seeing such beauty on a daily basis.

Let’s try something new… how about a poll?

“Patina” as well as the “Day in Venice” print set can be found here in my online gallery.




Photo of the Day- “Nubi Pastelli”

Anyone who knows my collection knows that a great majority of my prints are from my travels, Italy especially. Most popular in my gallery are my photos from Venice which, oddly enough, as I was “deathly ill” (my mother, who was with me, would probably beg to differ but that’s how I felt) Venice wasn’t my favorite leg of the multi-city trip.

That said though, even through the haze of a high-grade fever, malaise, and the throngs of tourists along the Grand Canal, I could see there were hidden gems just waiting to be captured. Anyone who asks me about visiting Venice will hear the same response… “Walk down along the Grand Canal for about five minutes and then, go left” (well, come to think of it, it depends on which way you’re coming from… ok, go the opposite direction from the water and explore the back canals)

Walk along the back canals of Venice and you will come across some of the most amazing finds from cafes to beautiful, old homes.

Nubi Pastelli“, named as such for the pastel clouds, is one of those finds for me. Tucked back, with not a soul to be found, the distinct architecture of Venice caught my eye immediately. Aged with vintage actions, I love how the pastel, muted colors play off of one another.

Nubi Pastelli” can be found in multiple sizes in my online gallery found here.



"Nubi Pastelli"

Holiday Sale! Buy One Get One Prints…

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There are a lot of new pieces in the online gallery so check them, as well as some old favorites out! The holidays are right around the corner and art makes a wonderful gift! I offer custom work as well, large format prints, framing and matting…all here in my online gallery.

"Ponte Vecchio"

New Creation- Mangia- A Fine Art Tryptic

Mangia“, a tryptic of delightful treats from a wonderful bakery I came across during my trip to Venice, Italy is playfully nicknamed, “The Cannoli Tryptic.” Cannolis, pistachio cookies, and streudel, there was, sadly, not enough time to try one of everything in this delightful find along the Grand Canal.

Treated with vintage actions and printed on premium Lustre paper that protects against fingerprints and scratching, the print set would make a fun addition to any kitchen decor. The tryptic can now be found here in my online gallery.


"Mangia" (aka The Cannoli Triptych)

Photo of the Day- “Firenze”

Anyone that knows my collective works as a photographer knows that the majority of my inspiration comes from my trips to Italy. While I’ve traveled to many beautiful countries in a relatively short period of time, my two trips to Italy were two of my favorites.

There is so much to love about Italy, the people, the food, the sites, the sounds; taking it all in can be overwhelming at times but equally as amazing. Last year, I traveled from Rome up to Venice via train with visits to Pompeii and Florence. This last stop is where my photo of the day hails from.

“Firenze” is an abstract shot of a Trenitalia train waiting in the station at Firenze Santa Maria Novella, the train station in the heart of this beautiful city. I love the intense red of the front light against the green-blue of the train body. I was extremely pleased with the final outcome and how the light was just right bouncing off the side of the train. While abstract in nature, it’s not so abstract that you can’t see that it’s a train; I was very pleased with this balance.

This metallic print is available in my online gallery along with many others from my Italy series.

Firenze WM


Going to a Good Home- “The Parking Spot”

OK, I admit, I hate having to name my photos. If I could just do basic things like, “Guy in Front of Store” or something like that, I would love it but, in a world where artists are as creative with the names as the art themselves, I at least have to put my best foot forward. The thing is, my best foot… it typically involves humor.

That said, I did use a little (and I mean a little, I’m not claiming to be ready for stand-up here) humor when naming this one. I had all these dramatic names in mind because, frankly, the photograph’s dramatic and vibrant colors, seemed to warrant it but, in the end, I felt silly naming it what I had originally planned. (Nope, sorry, my secret) I did however, end up liking the name of this one, if for no other reason than, well, I’m funny in my own mind, if not others, and I thought it was fitting. Get it? The boat is parked out front? Parking spot?? Hmmm, ok well enough about the name. If you’d like, you can give it an alternate subtitle. :)

More importantly, “The Parking Spot” is on its way to a good home and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The photo is of a beautiful old, red boat parked outside a Venetian mansion. I spotted this while travelling down Venice’s Grand Canal on a traghetto on my way to the Piazza San Marco. Of all of the trips I’ve taken, Italy has always been my favorite country to visit. I love the people, the sights, the sounds, the FOOD, the WINE… oh wait, sorry, I’m getting a little carried away.

I took this shot last year on a trip through Italy that took me through Rome, Florence, Pompeii and Venice and this ended up being one of my favorites. Printed on metallic paper, the subtle “chrome on paper” effect of the paper brings out the vibrant reds and greens as well as highlights the intense blacks. Looking at this photo makes me want to go back…

This limited edition print is still available, in my online gallery, in multiple print sizes, framed or unframed, even in a gallery wrap… just check the link that says, “Where to Purchase my Work” or feel free to get in touch with me!

The Parking Spot WM

"The Parking Spot"

New Creation- Photo Swatches for Interior Designers

The Sunday Drive Watermark

"The Sunday Drive"

Recently I was joking with my number one fan, a.k.a. my mom, about the fact that she keeps lugging framed pieces of my work with her so that she can share them with the various folks she comes across. (Moms are awesome aren’t they?) I teased that I should send her a small photo album with mini prints of each photo so that she could just slip it in her purse and carry it with her wherever she goes. She thought it was a great idea… I was kidding… she wasn’t.

Jokes aside, that got me to thinking. When perusing an online gallery, while high definition monitors and high resolution pictures do allow you to get a pretty good sense of what a photo is going to look like, it’s still not the same as holding the photo in your hand and seeing it up close and personal. This is especially true for the metallic paper that I use. While I can describe a metallic print and explain how it adds vibrancy to colors and an intensity to blacks, I can’t do full justice to just how amazing these prints are.

That said, I’ve begun offering photo swatches for interior designers.  This will allow them to see, first hand, how the colors in each piece play off of one another, how, in the metallic prints, the “chrome” like feel adds a depth to the photograh that others, before they invest in them. This will also allow them to more easily share their suggestions with their client.  After all, you can get a swatch of fabric before you invest huge sums in it, why not a fine art photograph?

The photo swatches will be sample (as they’ll include a copyright at the bottom) 3×5 and 4×4 prints of the pieces I offer in my gallery. Those interested would simply indicate which prints they would like to see and they’ll be shipped out at no charge.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy a mini portfolio for my number one fan…

Watching the Time WM

"Watching the Time"

Patina Watermark


A Day by the Water WM

"A Day by the Water"

Pensive WM


Going to a Good Home- “The Gondolier”

One of my favorites, “The Gondolier” is parting my company and going to a good, loving home. OK, I realize these aren’t pets but, I will admit, because of the level of pride I take in each of my pieces, when someone wants to hang it in their home, it makes me proud like a mama. :)

One of my favorite places to visit, as mentioned in previous posts, is Italy and I was lucky enough to go back around this time last year. “The Gondolier” was shot in Venice along one of the back canals, off the main strip of the Grand Canal. I loved exploring back there. You’re far away from the throngs of tourists crowding the main piazza and there are amazing little trattorias, bakeries, shops and homes to take in as you find your way along the canals.

This was one of my favorite shots from the trip and I’m so glad it’s going to a good home. This is a limited edition print that’s available in my online gallery, along with a number of others. Please feel free to check them out!


"The Gondolier"

"The Gondolier"