Rustic Adorned With Urban Charm…

Most Adored by Feathers and Frills at Etsy

Today, instead of posting on of my treasuries, I’m going to post one that I absolutely love and feel very honored to be included in… “Rustic Adorned With Urban Charm” created by glistenbyerin at Etsy. I’m so very touched to have one of my newest, “Pathway- the Bookmark” included!

I can’t say enough about this treasury… I love the way the subtle, rustic colors come together with little pops of teal and sage here and there. Absolutely gorgeous! I see many current favorites included such as khphillips and adorababe (you’ve seen them in my treasuries many a time…)as well as some new like oakmoss and paperdollaccessories. OK, really, I could list everyone.

Check out each of the shops because there are so many great finds!



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