Photo of the Day- “Bicyclette” and a Photoshop Quick Tip (Editing Multiple Text Layers at Once)

"Bicyclette"- Tracey Capone Photography

As I was working on the first of my 2012 calendars yesterday, I realized it’s been a while since I posted a tutorial. Admittedly, I have a busy morning ahead of me but I thought that I would post a Photoshop Quick Tip, in lieu of a full blown tutorial but I do have several tutorials in the works now so stay tuned.

Before we get to that though, we’ll start with the Photo of the Day, “Bicyclette,” currently the December photo in my “From Paris With Love” 2012 calendar. This was one of those serendipitous moments when I took a wrong turn trying to get to the Musee d’Orsay (sorry Mom and Aunt Judy!) and came across what is now one of my favorite photos. I love the sweet cranberry color of the door and the adorable checkerboard bag on the back. Quintessential Paris!

On to the Photoshop tip…   I’m using CS5.5 but this can be used in any of the last few versions, at the very least, if you haven’t yet upgraded.

Have you ever had multiple layers of text that you wanted to change (font size, font, etc.) but don’t want to go in to each and ever layer to do so? Allow me to show you what I mean…

Multiple Layers of Text

I wanted to change the font on all of the numbers on the calendar at once but, as you can see, when creating my grid, I actually created 31 separate text layers in case I needed to edit them independently. Now, keep in mind, there are twelve months, times however many days in each month, oh and I am currently working on two additional calendars in addition to this which will have completely different fonts as well. I’ll be here all week right? Not with this shortcut.

Highlight all of the text layers you want to change, right click on the highlighted layers and select, “Link Layers.”

Step 1- Link the Layers

This will, well, link the layers so that they act as one. You should see little chain links like this:

Linked Up

[this text has been edited thanks to reader feedback on Mac vs. PC- thank you Dana!]  Hold the [Shift] key down and, while continuing to hold it down, click on the Text Tool icon at the left:

Step 2- Select the Text Function

You will see the Text Options panel pop up at the top of the screen like you normally would. Release the Shift key, make all of your desired changes and, voila, all of the linked layers will be updated at once. At this point, I typically go ahead and unlink my layers as, aside from mass changes, I do prefer them to work independent of one another but that is totally up to you.

Hope this little exercise helped!



4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day- “Bicyclette” and a Photoshop Quick Tip (Editing Multiple Text Layers at Once)

  1. Shift key is the same in Win and Apple (did you mean ALT/Option or Ctrl/Command?) Also, it is not common to refer to the “Text Button”. What is much more commonly used is the term “Text Tool” (it is in the Tool Bar).

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