Photo(s) of the Day: Dogwoods

Cornouiller - Tracey Capone Photography 2012

About a week ago, I posted about my obsession with magnolias which sadly, are all but gone at this point, thanks to high winds and the ever changing season. However, with the changes in temperature and the advance of Spring comes my favorite flowering tree, the dogwood.

I don’t know what it is about dogwoods, but, photographically speaking, I have always loved how the clusters of flowers, each adorned with the most delicate flower,  almost reach out to you in a photograph. I love the patterns the trees create with a mix of straight lines and swirls of blossoms. I love that the flowers, while seemingly delicate, also seem to possess a sturdiness that magnolias do not.

Cascade - Tracey Capone Photography

I spent most of the day Saturday out with the camera, trying to capture as many of the newly flowered dogwoods as I could (I actually came away with 232 photographs… I’m not sure if I should be proud of that number or concerned that my obsession runs deeper than I thought) and I wanted to share a few of them with you today.

Do you have a favorite Spring flower? Something you can’t wait to photograph each season?



Bourgogne - Tracey Capone Photography 2012

12 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Day: Dogwoods

  1. Dogwood is one of my favorite trees. Love the lighting on that last one.

    This year I’ve been obsessed with photographing apple blossoms. The crabapple trees are especially pretty this year.

    • The crabapples are rather beautiful aren’t they? I was just thinking that yesterday when I was at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I don’t remember them being quite so pretty in past years.

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