Photo(s) of the Day: Crimson & Cornouiller Rouge

"Cornouiller Rouge" - Tracey Capone Photography

Guilty as charged… more dogwoods. I’m sorrrrrrrrry. I can’t help myself. Remember my post from a few days ago where I mentioned that I took 200+ shots of dogwoods on my outing on Saturday? I wasn’t kidding. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on sharing 200+ dogwood photographs (maybe just 199?) Thankfully, my trip is coming up so there will definitely be a change of scenery, if you will… well, unless I run across a bunch of dogwoods on the drive between Manchester and Shannon.

Today’s Photos of the Day are “Crimson” and “Cornouiller Rouge.”  I love the patterns that clusters of dogwoods form, especially when they are a colorful butter yellow or red.

I promise to find new flowers to obsess over… or hey, maybe I could actually try taking more photographs of my wonderful city?



"Crimson" - Tracey Capone Photography

7 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Day: Crimson & Cornouiller Rouge

  1. Very lovely. I truly appreciate your technique and the way you “soften” your images. I think this is more than just a shallow depth of field…at least in some of your images (perhaps not all).?

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