Autumnal Fire- a new metallic print

I love Autumn, especially here in Chicago where it typically starts to get cool early enough that you get a “real fall” and get to see some changing leaves.

New to the gallery is “Autumnal Fire,” a square format, metallic print of an abstract of a large oak tree with the most beautiful orange, red and yellow leaves. Taken at the “magic hour” just before sunset, looking up was like looking in to a fire. I love how the branches flow in to one another like the darkest part of a fire, with the leaves lighting up the photograph from within.




"Autumnal Fire" by Tracey Capone Photography


New to the Gallery- Canterbury

Brand new (not “relatively new” like the last couple have been) to the gallery is “Canterbury” an 8×8 metallic print.

The name came from the frequent use by Geoffrey Chaucer of the word whippletree, another term for a dogwood,  in “The CanterburyTales.”




"Canterbury" by Tracey Capone Photography


Meet the Artist- Janna Bissett of lilacpopphotography on Etsy


"Four Barrel" by lilacpopphotography at Etsy


I love art… any art, in any form. I need more walls, well and a bigger bank account, just to keep up with the amount of art I have and want to purchase. So, as I live in a city apartment and don’t have unlimited funds, I’ve decided to feed my addiction to art by interviewing other artists.


Ladies and Gents, drum roll please… introducing “Meet the Artist.”

Each month, I’ll be introducing you to a new artist. Get to know them, check out their galleries and fall in love with their work as much as I have.

To christen this new feature, please allow me to introduce you to Janna Bissett of lilacpopphotography on Etsy. Not only is she just the sweetest person around, I absolutely love her work. The pops of color, the gritty, urban feel; love, love, love.

So, without further adieu, meet Janna…

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