It’s Hip to be Square…a Gift Guide for the Geek in All of Us

"Mimi's Glasses" a pen and ink illustration by NanLawson at Etsy

Can you name every single character in every single “Star Wars” movie (and I do mean all of them)? Can you list off five ways to defend against a zombie attack without even thinking? Do you come out of a “Star Trek” movie arguing about the laws of physics? (or even better, can you speak Klingon?)  Are you like me and have a mad “nerd-crush” on Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory?” Then you might be a geek… and there’s nothing wrong with that. Repeat after me… NOTHING wrong with that.



As an out and proud geek I felt it my duty to pull together a gift guide for the nerd in all of us. How awesome are the robot notecards by creativeapples from right here in Chicago? Ohh do I covet these vintage 50s glasses from vintage50seyewear.

Check out each of these awesome shops and remember, it’s hip to be square!

Enjoy! (and live long and prosper…)


Silver, Black and Gray- A Gift Guide Under $50

Antique Cash Register Keys Cuff Links by qacreate at Etsy

It’s just about that time again! The holiday season is fast approaching as are the beautiful shades of silver and gray of winter. In honor of my favorite time of year, my latest treasury is a gift guide under $50 featuring some fantastic work by my fellow Etsians.

It’s so hard to pick just a few favorites so I’m just going to say check them all out and you won’t be disappointed!